Try your first qi class in santa eularia for 10 euros – recharge and reconnect

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The ultimate body, mind and spirit reset - a Qi class

Through guided meditation, simple chanting and slow movements, we help you to deeply recharge, clear the mind and release toxins held within the energy system. 

Fill yourself with Qi – the most positive and harmonious vibration in the Universe!

Its time to overcome:

What to expect

A Qi class takes place in a very special meditation room, filled and charged with Qi – a universal vibration giving love, light and power.

After a simple chant to connect with the Universe, we guide meditations to help you open up, slow movements to clear toxins from different parts of the body, and a final meditation to assimilate and absorb the power and light you have received during the class. Each Qi Master leading the class, has trained to cultivate a profound connection to the Universe, and can transmit a very high vibration to help you receive what you need in each moment.

Is a Qi class right for you?

Has physical or mental pain caused difficulty in your life? Do you have fatigue or a very busy mind?

The root cause of physical pain or mental overload, lies in either a deficiency of Qi – your life force energy, or blockages in the body which don’t allow the Qi to circulate. During a Qi class, our Qi Masters help you to receive what you need to release these blockages and recharge in a very pure way. Once you have a free flowing abundance of Qi, you feel calmer, clearer, more focused and connected to your spirit.


Even one class can make a shift, whilst regular classes can begin a deep change in one’s physical energy, mental sharpness and spiritual connection.

Key Benefits

What is Qi?

Qi (also known as chi) is often translated to ‘vital life force’, a universal energy that flows through our body allowing us to facilitate true harmony in life. Often put out of balance by our busy modern lives.

Qi is a universal vibration that allows us to:

Increase our energy

Strengthen our mind

Regain our health

Clear negative emotions

Feel calmer, lighter, and have greater mental clarity


Meet Melanie

Mel has been a Qi practitioner with Sun Kyeong for 5 years, helping people to recover their health and happiness and make a deeper spiritual connection in their lives.


She used to be a theater director in London for 10 years, and after the stress and tensions of work, although she loved it, her health was suffering. She had fatigue and anxiety and tried everything to help, both medical practices and alternative therapies.


When she found the Sun Kyeong method, the treatments, classes and in particular the Ancestor Healing course completely transformed her health and left her happier, with much more energy and a clearer mind. Her anxiety vanished. She left a career she loved and began training to be a Qi practitioner.


After training in London and Korea, she worked in Madrid and now runs the center in Santa Eularia, Ibiza.


She speaks Spanish and English and is dedicated to helping people find their true path in life, to be the happiest we can be.

The conventional way of overcoming anxiety and depression didn’t work for me, but I’m so glad I found Sun Kyeong. I really didn’t know what to expect, but I didn’t expect to feel so good so soon.



With the Qi classes I really felt changes in my body, my mind and even my soul. I really felt at peace.




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You will likely feel a shift in energy internally, people experience feeling lighter, brighter, and generally happier and more positive.

On average 2-4 people, maximum 8 per class.

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